Bath/Brush/Nails/Glands/Ear Cleaning/Ear Plucking/ Scented Spray/ Haircut


Dog Bath and Brush

Includes: Bath/Brush/Nails/Glands/Ear Cleaning/Ear Plucking/Scented Spray

Dog Bath And Haircut Includes 

Small Dog Bath and Haircut 15lbs under  

$50 Shave Down

$60 Puppy Cut/ Winter Cut 

Small Dog Bath and Brush


Meium Dog Bath And Haircut 15lbs-60lbs

$60 shave down 

$70 puppy cut/Winter Cut 

Medium Dog Bath And Brush


Large Dog Bath And Haircut 60-75lbs

$ 70 Shave Down

$80 Puppy Cut/Winter cut

Large Dog Bath And Brush


XL dog bath and haircut 75 lbs up

prices vary


XL dog bath and brush

Prices vary